Coronet House Publishing launched its eagerly awaited publication SOVEREIGN, SQUIRE & REBEL in May 2009. The story of Maharajah Duleep Singh is re-told with fresh research and unseen images in this richly illustrated coffe-table book.

  • 'A thoroughly entertaining and enlightening read, packed full of fabulous photographs of a fascinating family' -- JEROME TAYLOR, The Independent
  • ‘Breathtaking imagery, colour and absorbing text’ -- THE INDIAN EXPRESS
  • ‘The books is majestic, just like his subject’ -- THE HINDUSTAN TIMES
  • An important coverage of a period of Sikh history which, like much else, our historians tend to ignore' -- PATWANT SINGH
  • 'Dispelling misconceptions and myths about the erstwhile scion of the 19th century Punjab’ -- THE TRIBUNE
  • 'The story of the last sovereign of Punjab would not have been completed without such a work’ -- THE TIMES OF INDIA'
  • 'Peter Bance's painstakingly researched and lavishly produced new book has opened a fabulous doorway into the lost world of Maharajah Duleep Singh, his family and his legacy. To go through it is an astonishing experience...' -- CHRISTY CAMPBELL, author of The Maharajah's Box